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Hashgraph: Beyond Blockchain

The world is moving to the next level of 
revolution in Internet. The blockchain is 
going to be the next Internet. It is based on 
the distributed ledger technology, though 
the real potential of this technology was 
realized only when the blockchain came 
into existence. Many people are still in 
the process of understanding cases of the 
blockchain technology beyond bitcoin, a 
new technology is making news, hyped 
as the ‘future of distributed ledger,’ The 

A blockchain is a decentralized and 
distributed digital ledger technology used 

to record data. The term ‘block’ refers 
to the most recent data addition to the 
chain. The chain is constantly growing 
as blocks are added and recorded in 
chronological order. Recorded data can 
be accessed through various computers 
simultaneously. The data cannot be altered 
without the alteration of all successive 
blocks and the approval of the network. 
Blockchain technology has applications 
in cryptocurrency, digital identity, smart 
contracts, digital voting, and decentralized 

On the other hand, an advanced 
technology known as hashgraph uses 
consensus algorithm, providing a new 

The term ‘block’ refers 
to the most recent data 
addition to the chain. The 
chain is constantly growing 
as blocks are added and 
recorded in chronological 
order. Recorded data can be 
accessed through various 
computers simultaneously. 
The data cannot be altered 
without the alteration of all 
successive blocks and the 
approval of the network.

Hashgraph: Beyond Blockchain


Papias Hawlader

CIO, Leads Corporation Limited