It is illegal to reproduce this material in any format without prior 

written approval of LankaBangla Securities Limited.

2.  For the purpose of sell, the transactions 

and settlement of the securities shall 
be ensured automatically by the 
system prescribed by the Exchange.

3. The sell price of the short sell 

securities will be less than the 
maximum best current asking price in 
the exchange.

4. No form of borrowing of any 

authorized securities in a designated 
clients account shall be made for the 
purpose of sell. 

5. The market maker shall not accept or 

provide any loan for the purpose of 
buying any authorized securities in 
the designated clients account. 

6. According to the relevant rules or 

laws made by the regulator, the 
market maker may use the authorized 
securities in its own account to accept 
or provide loan from the bank. 

7. Without such purpose, any authorized 

securities can be sold by the market 
maker in its own or in its designated client 
account for the creation of the market.

Settlement Procedure

For the making of the market, in applicable 
cases, the settlement of the authorized 
securities shall be done automatically by 
the determined procedure of the concerned 
exchange or Clearing and Settlement 

Reporting, etc  

1. Each market maker must submit its 

own and the designated client account 
daily transaction-related information 
attested by its compliance officer 
to the concerned Exchange prior 30 

minutes before the next day’s trading 
in the printed or in electronic form 
and such concerned exchange will 
publish such information in its trading 
monitors before it starts trading. 

2. Each previous price and the 

transaction price along with its 
quantity shall be shown in the 
monitor of the concerned exchange 
until the next bid price is given in the 
trading monitor. 

3. The exchange shall separately keep a 

record of the price quotation made by 
the market maker for each securities 
and the transactions related information 
on the account of the market maker and 
the designated client.

Right to Information

Each Market Maker has the right to obtain 
the information of the overall activities of 
the issuer company regularly along with 
other data of the approved issuer company. 

The Issuer Company is bound to provide 
all other pertaining information to the 
‘Market Maker’.

Buy - Sell Through a Separate 
Trading Platform

1. Only on a separate platform 

determined by the Exchange, 
any authorized securities can be 
purchased and sold for the making of 
the market. 

2. For the purpose of this rule, the 

concerned Exchange, within three 
months of the publication of these 
rules in the Gazette shall implement 
guidelines in relation to the separate 
trading system for the market-
making activities of the authorized 
securities, terms and conditions 
of the appointment of the market 
maker, terms and conditions of the 
agreement, terms of the transactions, 
terms for lending and borrowing 
of securities, terms of short selling 

Each market maker must submit its own and the designated client account daily transaction-
related information attested by its compliance officer to the concerned Exchange prior 30 minutes 
before the next day’s trading in the printed or in electronic form and such concerned exchange 

will publish such information in its trading monitors before it starts trading.