It is illegal to reproduce this material in any format without prior 

written approval of LankaBangla Securities Limited.


a. No violation of securities law, 

fraud, forgery or dishonest 
activity, is not convicted or 
convicted of any form of 
criminal charges; and 

b. not been declared by any court 

order as bankrupt or mentally 
inadequate; and 

c. not be a bank loan defaulter; 

4. Trading or Full Service Depository 


5. In case where applicable, clearing 

and settlement services institution 
shall be registered as participants of 
the organization;

6. There are minimum 2 (two) registered 

representatives for marketing 
activities and shall have at least 3 
(three) years of experience as their 
authorized representative;

7. There shall be an official address or 

place of business which is required 

for market making, computer system, 
adequate skilled manpower and other 
related facilities are available;

8. Subject to the approval of the 

concerned exchange, its Chief 
Executive Officer or any member of 
board of director is appointed as  the 
Compliance Officer  and 

9. Shall have an Internal Control System 

for efficiently managing the market 
activities, the risk management and 
the conflict of interest, etc

10. Been entitled by the Commission 

any other qualification which is 
determined by a written order. ;

Submission of Application for 
the Registration Certificate, 
Consideration etc 

1. For the purpose of obtaining the 

registration certificate, the application 
shall be made in the prescribed form 
(Form-A) to the Commission along 

with the recommendation of the 

2. Along with the application a non-

Refundable application fee of BDT 10 
(ten thousand) shall be forwarded either 
in the form of bank draft or pay order 
which shall be made in favor of the 
Bangladesh Securities and Exchange 

3. Supporting and Required documents shall 

be annexed along with the application 
form and may also require to provide 
additional documents and information’s 
if ordered by the Commission.

4. If the application is incomplete in any 

way, it shall be directly rejected by the 

5. If, in relation to the application, the 

Commission, within forty-five working 
days of its receipt, will give a certificate 
of registration in Form-B. Alternatively, 
it will refuse the application by stating 
the written reasons, and will inform its