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(2) Unless otherwise repugnant for 
any purpose, words and expressions 
used herein and not defined, but 
defined in the Securities and 
Exchange Ordinance,1969), Bank 
Company Act, 1991 (Act 14 of 
1991), Bangladesh Securities and 
Exchange Commission Act, 1993 
(Act No 15 of 1993),  Financial 
Institutions Act, 1993 (Act No. 27 of 
1993), Company Law, 1994 (Act No. 
18 of 1994), Depository Act, 1999 
(Act No. 6 of 1999), Insurance Act, 
2010 (Act 13 of 2010), Exchanges 
Demutualization Act, 2013 (Act 
No.33 of 2013), Financial Reporting 
Act, 2015 (Act No. 16 of 2015) and 
Rules and Regulations made under 
the above Acts and Ordinances shall 

have the same meanings respectively 
assigned to them in the said Acts and 

Prohibition to Act as a 
Market Maker without the 
Registration Certificate 

No person shall act as a maker of the 
market without obtaining the registration 
certificate provided by the commission 
under the rules. 

Qualifications for Obtaining 
Registration Certificate 

Any person shall be eligible for obtaining 
the registration certificate as the market 
maker, if it is or has:

1. A company registered as a Stock 

Dealer or a Stock Broker under the 
Securities and Exchange Commission 
(Stock Dealer, Stock Broker and 
Authorized Representative) Rules, 

2. Paid Up Capital of Minimum BDT 10 

(ten) Crore. 

Provided that at least minimum of 75% 
(seventy five percent) of its paid up capital 
shall be in the total Net Worth and Net 
Capital Balance.

Furthermore the Commission may, by 
order, reschedule it from time to time: 

3. Any director or 5% or more 

Shareholder have:

Even though the Market Maker Rules was formulated in the year 2000, none 
of the banks, merchant banks and stockbrokers has so far showed interest to 
get the opportunity of becoming a market maker.