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Dollar. Some businessmen have expressed 
fears that the exchange rate is likely to 
deteriorate to BDT 90/US$ by the end of 
the year, if things continued at this pace.

Given that 2018 is likely to be the year that 
hosts national parliamentary elections in 
Bangladesh, there is the added fear that if 
the past is any predictor of the future, then 
2018 will see a massive outflow of funds 

from Bangladesh, as has also been the case 
in the parliamentary election years in 2008 
and 2014. According to Global Financial 
Integrity Report data, election years 
witness a significant spike in the flow of 
laundered money from Bangladesh. One 
may have to wait till 2019 or 2020 to get 
the estimates of money laundered abroad 
from Bangladesh in 2018, though it will 

likely have surpassed all previous limits, 
given the historical data.

Such news indicates that although 
Bangladesh is awaiting formal recognition 
in its attempts at graduating from a least 
developed country in March 2018, 
there are many challenges facing the 
economy. The sooner these challenges 
are successfully faced and overcome, the 
better it will be for the economy and the 
country. There is no scope for complacency 
or for pretending that there are not serious 
challenges that face the country and 
it's economy; doing so is tantamount to 
pretending that such problems do not exist 
despite the remarkable successes of the 
economy, and can only hurt the economy 
and the country instead of helping it to 
progress further soon.

Some of the news headlines on the last day 
of February 2018 were not very appealing or 
palatable for a national of Bangladesh. One read 
that according to opinion survey of the World 
Economic Forum, the roads of Bangladesh rank 
among the worst in Asia, with only Nepal reported 
to have worse roads than Bangladesh. 


According to Global Financial Integrity Report data, election years witness 

a significant spike in the flow of laundered money from Bangladesh. One 

may have to wait till 2019 or 2020 to get the estimates of money laundered 

abroad from Bangladesh in 2018, though it will likely have surpassed all 

previous limits, given the historical data.  

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