Telecom sector cos to face penalty for non-compliance of QoS parameters - Share market analysis of dhaka stock exchange, Bangladesh

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11 January, 2018 10:05 AM Source: New Age
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Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has drafted integrated quality-of-service regulations for all access network service operators including mobile phone operators, allowing the telecom regulator to impose penalty for any non-compliance.
The BTRC recently published the regulations titled ‘The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (Quality of Service) Regulations 2018’ on its web site, seeking comments from stakeholders.
Questions, however, have surfaced regarding the BTRC’s capacity to check the key performance indicators of QoS as it has so far obtained one set of quality-of-service measurement tools to check the QoS of the mobile phone operators.
Based on quality test to be done through a drive by the BTRC, the regulator would be able to publish the ranking of the ANSs including mobile phone operators in this regard.
The regulations have also made mandatory publishing performance of ANS providers based on the benchmark indicators of QoS.
The draft will be finalised after taking comments from stakeholders and will be sent to the telecom ministry for final approval.
BTRC officials said that the escalating customer dissatisfaction over the service quality of mobile phone operators and other customer-end service providers was the key reason for formulation of the integrated QoS regulations.
They also said that the commission-issued directives regarding 2G and 3G quality of service did not give the telecom regulator authority to take punitive measures against telecom operators for their non-compliance in terms of providing quality service.
Once the draft guidelines are finalised, the BTRC will get the authority to take punitive measures against telecom operators for non-compliance, they said.
Although a draft QoS directive states that mobile phone operators would have to ensure minimum 20 megabyte per second downloading speed for 4G (fourth generation telecommunication service), the draft regulations have refrained from setting any speed limit.
On the other hand, the government finalised the 4G licensing guidelines setting 20 Mbps downloading speed as minimum speed for the 4G service.
Amid opposition from the mobile phone operators, the latest clarification over the 4G guidelines issued in January, however, stated that the minimum speed for now would remain at 20Mbps but could be reset based on consultation.
Along with the mobile phone operators, the regulations would cover broadband access services, fixed telephony services and any other services introduced by the BTRC through administrative order from time to time.
The draft guidelines also mentioned that the broadband access services would have to maintain on average minimum 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speed in a month.
Besides, broadband access service providers will have to maintain on average less than 7 second download time for a web page in a month.
Of the drive test key performance indicators, mobile phone service operators will have to maintain call drop rate below 2 per cent and call setup success rate above 97 per cent.
Maintaining 160 kilobyte per second for 2G service and 2Mbps for 3G service will be a must for the operators in case of drive test, with uploading speed of 40Kbps for 2G and 128Kbps for 3G services.
Under the regulations, every service provider has to meet the quality of service standard for its entire service area in respect of each parameter specified in the QoS regulations. 

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