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Corporate Actions

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Date Symbol Company Corporate Action Type Corporate Action Title News
14/05/2018 AIBL1STIMF AIBL 1st Islamic Mutual Fund Cash Dividends AIBL1STIMF 8% cash dividend
03/05/2018 ALARABANK Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited Cash Dividends 15% Cash Dividend
22/05/2018 BERGERPBL Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited Cash Dividends Issued Share Qty
22/05/2018 BERGERPBL Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited Stock Dividend 100% Stock dividend
16/05/2018 DELTALIFE Delta Life Insurance Limited Cash Dividends 25% cash dividend
03/05/2018 FUWANGFOOD Fu Wang Foods Limited Capital Reduction - Decreaseing Total Number Of Shares Issued Share Qty
10/05/2018 GLOBALINS Global Insurance Ltd. Stock Dividend 5% stock dividend
14/05/2018 MBL1STMF MBL 1st Mutual Fund Cash Dividends MBL1STMF 8% cash dividend
03/05/2018 MERCINS Mercantile Insurance Company Ltd. Cash Dividends 10% cash dividend
03/05/2018 NBL National Bank Limited Stock Dividend 12% Stock Dividend
03/05/2018 NCCBANK NCC Bank Limited Cash Dividends 13% Cash Dividend
14/05/2018 PEOPLESINS Peoples Insurance Company Limited Cash Dividends 10% cash dividend
03/05/2018 PRAGATIINS Pragati Insurance Limited Stock Dividend 5% stock dividend
03/05/2018 RUPALIBANK Rupali Bank Limited Stock Dividend 24% Stock Dividend
03/05/2018 SONARBAINS Sonar Bangla Insurance Limited Stock Dividend 10% stock dividend
23/05/2018 SOUTHEASTB Southeast Bank Limited Stock Dividend 15% Stock Dividend
03/05/2018 CITYBANK The City Bank Limited Stock Dividend 5% Stock Dividend
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