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Market Announcements

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12 September ATCSLGF Dividend Disbursement
12 September KDSALTD Board Meeting
12 September FASFIN Query Response
12 September WMSHIPYARD Spot News
12 September ZAHEENSPIN Suspension for Record Date
12 September SALAMCRST Query Response
12 September LAFSURCEML Query Response
12 September ETL Board Meeting schedule under LR 19(1)
12 September ARGONDENIM Board Meeting schedule under LR 19(1)
11 September PUBALIBANK Buy Declaration of a Corporate Director
11 September SHURWID Resumption after Record Date
11 September ARAMITCEM Query Response
11 September ILFSL Credit Rating Result
11 September RUPALIBANK Credit Rating Result
11 September NORTHERN Price Limit Open
11 September NORTHERN Dividend Declaration
10 September SINGERBD Sale declaration of a Corporate Sponsor
10 September MITHUNKNIT Query Response
10 September TALLUSPIN Query Response
10 September MERCANBANK Sale declaration of a Sponsor
10 September APEXTANRY Resumption after Record Date
10 September CAPMBDBLMF Resumption after Record Date
10 September SHURWID Suspension for Record Date
10 September ZAHEENSPIN Spot News
10 September MEGHNAPET Query Response
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