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A tool investors can use to filter stocks given certain criteria of their choice.
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ABBANK AB Bank Limited 0.00%
AFTABAUTO Aftab Automobiles Limited -0.60%
ALARABANK Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited 0.00%
ANWARGALV Anwar Galvanizing Limited 0.56%
ARAMITCEM Aramit Cement -0.49%
ATLASBANG Atlas Bangladesh Limited -1.65%
AZIZPIPES Aziz Pipes Limited -0.58%
BDAUTOCA Bangladesh Autocars Limited 0.12%
BDFINANCE Bangladesh Finance and Investment Company Limited 5.14%
BIFC Bangladesh Industrial Fin. Company Limited 0.00%
BDLAMPS Bangladesh Lamps Limited 1.54%
BDTHAI Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Limited -1.29%
BANKASIA Bank Asia Limited 1.06%
BAYLEASING Bay Leasing & Investment Limited 6.34%
BENGALWTL Bengal Windsor Thermoplastics Limited 1.04%
BRACBANK BRAC Bank Limited 0.15%
BSRMSTEEL BSRM Steels Limited 0.41%
CONFIDCEM Confidence Cement Limited 0.70%
DBH Delta Brac Housing Finance Corp. Limited -0.72%
DESHBANDHU Deshbandhu Polymer Limited 1.36%
DHAKABANK Dhaka Bank Limited 1.90%
DUTCHBANGL Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited 0.28%
EBL Eastern Bank Limited 0.90%
ECABLES Eastern Cables Limited -0.56%
EXIMBANK Export Import (Exim) Bank of Bangladesh 0.00%
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Stock Screener
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